ian | 20


These words are my own

From my heart flow

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you

There’s no other way

To better say

I love you, I love you…



when someone pulls up a receipt of my fave being problematic


#discredit the witness. find a new suspect and bury the evidence.#that’s how you get away with pretending your fave isn’t problematic on tumblr. 



Bridgit Mendler - Ready Or Not

#bridgit ha power


if you ain’t talking cummies i don’t wanna talk


remain unchose 2k15 i motherfucking guess

#y'all cannot...take?


fav mutual: [likes one post i made]
me: what are we
#what is this..................................................
Anonymous SAID:
what is your diagnosis of ello

there’s no hook other than its ad-free and transparency manifesto and minimal design but functionally there’s nothing that sets it apart from anything out there and it’s missing a lot that it should have from the get-go if it wants to survive on a large scale against the big three social networks going right now 

so it appeals directly to people who are obsessed with advertisers not tracking them, i guess? i don’t know

i won’t totally give up on it until i’m interacting with more people so my timeline thrives a bit more and i can see what that’s like and even then i’ll probably wait until it’s out of beta before i decide for certain to can it

#if the hype lives up to the end of the week that is lol #Anonymous